Friday, 10 February 2012

The Collapse of the City of Shurom

The stalk cracked loudly as thousands attempted to flee the city within the mushroom's cap. The microbial people of Shurom City screamed as their home was ravaged by some unknown force. One or two heroic types stayed until last, ushering as many as possible out of the city before fleeing on membranous wings themselves.
    On the ground, nearly every refugee of the once-proud city of Shurom looked back in terror and anguish as the city finally fell. Tears flowed freely as the diminutive people began searching for somewhere safe to hide, knowing that nobody in the wide world would ever know of their plight.

This piece of "flash fiction" was inspired by Madison Woods, a link to the inspiration can be found here, if you copy-and-paste it into your browser: